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What We Do

More is required of corporate leadership today than ever before. The challenges presented by globalization and converging technologies necessitate a new style of cooperation between businesses and their consulting experts. And this new brand of partnership, which involves Individualized solutions for your executive search, is what Wirz & Partners brings to the table.

Our expert team of headhunters based in Switzerland performs retained searches for corporate officers and other senior executive positions. Our specialty is placing qualified experts in the fields of digitalization, IT, management consulting, pharma, health and medtech, always with an eye toward the continued success of your organization.

We know the talent pool in our markets very well, and have years of experience recruiting for positions such as IT Head, Sales Vice President and Sales Director, Product and Country Managers, and PMO Officer to name a few. Our seasoned recruiting professionals all have backgrounds as senior managers and/or entrepreneurs themselves, which puts them in a unique position to competently represent you.

Wirz & Partners positions itself as an executive search company with a focus on specialists and executives, within Switzerland and Europe. Our high level of professional competence in the sectors and functions addressed allows us to comprehensively and individually address the needs of our customers and candidates.

We specialize in the following target markets:

Digitalisation, Technology, IT

Our focus is on:

Within the IT market in the fields of digitization, transformation, change management, management consulting, fintech, cybersecurity, cloud, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, on premise, software and services.

Functional: Board Member, Board of Directors, CEO, CIO, CTO, Managing Director, General Management, Head IT, VP Sales, Sales Director, Sales Executive, Product and Program Management, Senior Consultants, Consultants, Senior Consultants, Partners in Management Consulting

Life science, Pharmaceutical / Medical / Healthcare

Our focus is on:

Board Members, Board of Directors, General Management, CEO, CIO, CTO, Head of R & D, Regulatory, Sales and Product Management, Market Access, Chief Physician, Senior Physician, Clinical Director, Sales, Marketing, Medical, Regulatory and R & D.