Wirz & Partners Technology Executive Search

Wirz & Partners’ Technology Executive Search Practice is focused on resolving any leadership issues that are a necessary part of moving your organisation forward to the future and ensuring growth, with any associated risks mitigated as far as is possible. Business transformation is never an easy concept but our executive recruiters have been responsible for placing and recruiting some of the more prominent executives who are making decisions and changing affecting people all across the world on a daily basis. We work with some of the most well-known and influential technology companies who are often trailblazing new technologies, and our recruiters are proud to have firm relationships and contact within these fields, and across a vast spectrum of the fields making up cutting edge innovations, which we are able to leverage for the benefit of our clients.

It will come as no surprise to anyone working in a company within the Technology field that the pace of change and the associated challenges have never been felt more keenly than they are currently. We are proud to be able to offer the assistance of our own experts to the clients that we work with when it comes to a great many related issues – including but not limited to the challenges and opportunities of globalisation, new technology and revenue streams. With our retained search programme, we support our clients in the ever-important task of recruiting and managing the right people in the right place. Placing our clients in the best position to take advantage of the challenges in front of them is the big motivation behind our headhunter service.



The Microsoft ecosystem is large, because almost every Swiss company uses Microsoft products or services. Perhaps that’s why the search for Microsoft specialists is time-consuming, and certain roles can hardly be filled.
This is where Wirz & Partners comes in with their specialization on the topic “Microsoft”. We can do this because, as former Microsoft employees, we have the specialist knowledge and know the ecosystem well. With this focus we also give you a promise of quality. We know the detailed requirements, the specific role descriptions and know how and where we are looking for you. This is how we are successful together.

Our customers are larger SMEs and large companies as well as Microsoft partners. They all rely on our experience and quality. Both are becoming even more important:
Microsoft’s success in the cloud requires new job profiles and increased search efforts for these specialists. Because the cloud is also a relatively new business segment, there are not many experienced specialists on the market. This is just one example of a market in which we can give you professional advice and create competitive advantage for your, by leveraging our expertise .

With the importance placed on these concepts in the technology industry it is more important than ever that those working within the field are aware of and can address each issue successfully, which is why it is essential to have confidence in your leaders and the roles that they are recruited to fulfill.

Within the frame of our retained search, we have successfully fulfilled a high number of candidate placements for customers in a wide range of roles with a high level of responsibility and other senior level executive positions.