Wirz & Partners References executive search

What do you want from a top Headhunter?

Wirz & Partners provides you:

Efficient, straightforward and discreet handling of the mandate, with appropriate references, understanding of the current market situation within your industry, industry knowledge, industry best practice, understanding of the current company maturity, and understanding your corporate culture and business ethics.


Why us?


Because the positions we fill have a retention which is 2-3 times higher than the average.


Because in 8 out of 10 cases the client entrusts us with follow-up mandates during the first mandate.


Because we close mandates in 4 months on average


Because in more than 90% of the mandates, we can create strategic added value for the client in the design of the search profile through our industry and/or subject competence.


Because in 30% of the mandates, the shortlist is so good that the client creates new positions, and this leads to multiple appointments.



Why we chose Wirz & Partners, what our clients say about us:

  • From the very beginning we received personal and competent advice, especially when defining the search profile.
  • We were particularly impressed by the efficient use of our time and resources.
  • Wirz & Partners helped us develop a comprehensive candidate profile and found the perfect candidate for us.
  • Their in-depth knowledge of the labour market helped us to quickly create an attractive job profile.
  • All the candidates we interviewed met our requirements, not only professionally but also personally.
  • What really sets Wirz & Partners apart is their commitment to understanding our values and challenges.
  • They produced meaningful case studies that helped us greatly in our decision-making process.
  • Their matchmaking enabled us to find our ideal candidate after only a few initial interviews.

Wirz & Partners Management Consulting has in recent years been able to fill board level, C level and executive positions in the following areas. 


See a recent excerpt from our successfully completed executive search mandates.

- CEO / MD
- Head Big Data, Business Intelligence
- Managing Director
- Principal / Managing Partner
- Principal Consultant, Supply Chain
- Principal Consulting
- Verwaltungsrat, VR, Board Member

- Chief Engineering Officer
- CIO, Chief Information Officer
- CPO (Chief People Officer)
- CTO, Chief Transformation Officer
- Leiter IT & Technologie

- CIO, Chief Information Officer, Transformation Officer
- Leiter Digitalisierung, Change Management

- Managing Director

- Board Member, CFO
- CEO / MD
- Head ERP world wide, C level
- Head Product Management
- Mitglied der GL, Manager Consulting Team, Technologie Consulting & Services
- Teamleiter Business Intelligence
- VP international Sales, IT Services
- CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)
- Board Member
- Board Member (Innovation)
- Board Member and new major shareholder

- Account executive, on Director Level, FSI Industry
- Sales Director
- Sales Director Security
- Sales executive Security Services

- BU Leiter, Mitglied der GL
- CIO, Chief Information Officer, Transformation Officer
- CMO (Chief Medical Officer)
- President of the Board

- Brand Manager Neurologie / Onkologie, Mitglied GL
- Director market access
- Global VP R&D
- Head PM
- Leiter Procurement
- Leiter R&D
- Onkology Brand Manager
- Sales Director Oncology
- Sales Director OTC
- vice President Sales & Marketing

- CHRO (Chief HR Officer)
- CIO, Chief Information Officer
- Verwaltungsrat, VR, Board Member

- Chief Innovation Officer
- Country Manager, MD
- CSO (Chief Sales Officer)
- Head Technology Transformation, Mitglied executive Board
- Partner / MD
- Board Member & Investor
- Board Member strategic Investor (private Equity)