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Is your organization ready for digitization and transformation?


As an experienced headhunter firm, we at Wirz & Partners have designed our executive search Practice for CEO & Board around understanding you in your role as a corporate leader in detail: What is your own personal strategy and which are the challenges that you have to deal with on a day-to-day basis? Are you prepared to present your company to the public eye and to face the inquisitive questions of your investors? Are you well equipped to facilitate a smooth CEO transition, should the need arise? In order to facilitate challenges like the ones mentioned above, we at Wirz & Partners collaborate closely with CEOs and Board members.

As a professional service-provider in the field of retained search, we are able to give you all the resources and the support that you need to make a difference – in the company you are working for as well as in your industry. For that purpose, we offer a wide variety of services that range from the acquisition of talent to effective and long-term Succession Planning. As well, we provide our assistance in areas such as Board Dynamics and the shaping of Corporate Culture.


Our specific CEO & Board Practice allows you to work with our most accomplished and experienced professionals. As excellent headhunters with a proven track record, we are more than qualified to offer you our assistance, advice and support. We are well acquainted with the challenges that a corporate leader has to face – no matter what stage your company is in, or what business sector they are working in. In order to assist you as well as possible, we have devised a unique proprietary assessment methodology, combined with industry leading case studies and benchmarks.