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CSO, CMO, Sales & Marketing Officers

Our Executive Search Practice in the Sales & Marketing-sector is unique. It is based on our expertise and on our in-depth understanding of the requirements that a successful sales / marketing officer has to fulfill. For our retained search, we at Wirz & Partners have, thanks to our retained search, access to sales & marketing talent that is spread across all major business sectors. Our consultants have recruited dynamic professionals for a wide variety of leading sales & marketing functions. For our clients, we scout best in class experts to fill the role of Sales Officer and Chief Marketing Officer. As seasoned headhunter in this area of business, we put a strong emphasis on the excellent track record of all the potential Chief Marketing and Sales Officers we present to our clients.


In our executive and retained search, we utilize our extensive network, our local market inside in order to select outstanding sales or marketing leaders in all areas of business and industry. To our clients, we at Wirz & Partners are reliable advisors who have a profound understanding of the skill-set required of a successful Sales Officer and Chief Marketing Officer.


Our headhunter-firm also has a proven track-record in the filling of positions pertaining to the field of digital technologies – for example the various social media platforms, cloud, mobile devices and so forth. These technologies give rise to large and rapidly growing organizations. They are in effect rewriting the rules of business in almost all established industry sectors. This development is creating a strong and acute demand for a new generation of leaders: Leaders who do not shy away from emerging technologies and from new business models based on those technologies. It is our aim to support your company in these times of rapid transformation. This is why our consultants assist both entrepreneurial startups, boutique players, local market leaders and global corporations that find themselves in the middle of this change.
We provide our clients with expertise in the areas of:

  • B to B, B to C got to market model
  • Direct Sales
  • Channel Sales (Multi tier Channel)
  • Multi and omni Channel Marketing
  • Customer journey optimization
  • Digital Platforms and Technology in Sales and Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Natives

In close cooperation with boards and management teams, we have developed unique, custom-tailored tools which enable us to assess organizations with regards to their digital readiness. We pro-actively assist these companies in their transition to a more fluid business-model that allows for a quick adaptation to the rapid technological changes of our times. Thus, we assist your company in its long-term success – with our help, you will be able to differentiate your organization from your competitors and be able to sustain a steady growth.