Wirz & Partners HR

Human Resource Executive, CHRO, CPO

We at Wirz & Partners are well aware, that it is paramount, to have access to the best possible HR Executives, to ensure the long-term success of your firm.

In a market with a significant gap between the demand of top executives in HR and accessible HR Seniors, it is important for you, to engage with the best possible headhunter in Switzerland, to identify and recruit your top talent in HR.

Only Companies with constant access to outstanding talents, seniors and executives will be among the market leaders. Therefore, the selection of only the best HR Executives will ensure you the ability to tap into the highly competitive candidate market.

  • Employer Branding
  • Employee Happiness
  • Employee engagement
  • Reduction of fluctuation

The listed KPI’s are among other important measurement criteria’s, where your HR will be able to make a difference for you in the candidate market you address as a firm.

Human Resources is one of the important communication channel of your company. Not only to your current employee’s, but as well to all candidates in your recruiting process. The professionalism and effectiveness will influence the awareness of your Employer Brand.

Wirz & Partners is ranked among the top executive search firms in Switzerland. With the dedicated HR practice, we ensure you the utmost expertise in recruiting for this highly critical Role in your Management Team. Since years we place top HR executives in local and international clients in Switzerland.