Wirz & Partners Big Data & Analytics

The push for top talent with an understanding of the importance of AI & big data is a keen motivation for Wirz & Partners. As such we were the among the first headhunter firm acting on country (switzerland) stage to implement a AI & Big Data & Analytics Practise within the area of retained and executive search. We have identified this as one of the top strategic concerns for major businesses and organisations and as such have taken measures to recruit for, and analyse, key metrics in data, distribution and visualisation as well as referring to our experts when it comes to the management of these systems and resources.

And we at Wirz & Partners do not only recruit AI, BI and big data Seniors, our own processes are fully digitalised and we capitalise on the extensive use of AI und BI.

At Wirz & Partners, we use and leverage AI, BI and semantic search algorithm among other cutting edge technologies, in our ident and executive research process.


A huge range of companies across fields as diverse as boutique experts, mid sized multi nationals, IT technology providers, fintech, local and international software firms,  consulting firms,  financial services and pharmaceutical and as well government organisation concerns have come to rely on our retained search analysis and headhunter qualities for the recruitment of suitable candidates to fulfill these needs.
There is a real understanding within affected organisations that the talent pool for the ideal candidates is smaller than many would like, and as such, a competitive edge and the local know how and access to the swiss market specifics is becoming very necessary.