Wirz & Partners are experienced in providing leadership solutions that are tailored specifically to address cloud technology and services in a way that fills our clients, and those that in turn rely on them, with confidence. We are able to consult and manage a wide range of talent who can fulfil the requisite leadership competencies in this challenging field. These competencies include all of the new and emerging skillsets that organisations are coming to realise are necessary in order to best expand and thrive in a post-cloud delivery model of technology.


Leaders who are able to fulfil these roles and skillsets have never been more in demand and this is a fact that is clearly understood by the relevant boards and CEOs and CIOs that seek out and benefit from our headhunter services. We are proud to be a market leader in recruitment for individuals with the talents and abilities to drive your business forward with the sales, marketing and technical support for cloud services.

Segments & Technologies include:

  • Transformation into the cloud
  • Technologies such as; AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Services
  • IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
  • Security
  • private Cloud, public Cloud, hybrid Cloud