Cybersecurity is another area of developing technology that has never been more prominent but one that brings with it a unique set of challenges and skillsets. This is area in which Wirz & Partners excels and has an input and experience that cannot be beaten, due to our headhunters, with industry- leading track record.


Wirz and Partners Cybersecurity practise is second to none and includes executive search, an assessment of available leaders and the leveraging of existing and emerging technologies to best benefit your organisations and the clients who in turn rely on you.
We are aware that your needs for executive talent, and the tasks that are then expected of these leaders, are ever evolving and becoming more and more complicated every day. Due to our retained search, we feel confident in our unparalleled ability to recruit leaders and candidates to these roles that you can trust fully both now and in the future. As a headhunter business, we have access to a broad and diverse pool of talented candidates who are the best fit for your particular role or responsibility.

Segments & roles include:

  • CISO
  • IT Security
  • Organization Readniness
  • Information Security
  • Regulatory
  • Governance
  • Compliance