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CIO, CISO, CTO, Information & Technology Officers

These days, the world of business as we know it has ceased to be a solid, slow-moving environment: With the presence of highly innovative and disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing, things are moving very fast indeed. In order to keep up with this rapid pace, companies cannot stay firmly rooted in the routines of the past, but must become fluid and adaptable. In order to succeed in the global market, it is crucial to embrace business strategies that are take the current technological possibilities and innovations into account.


It is our firm belief at Wirz & Partners that the very concept of leadership needs to be re-invented in order to allow organizations not only to survive, but to thrive under these renewed and quickly changing conditions. However, leaders with a mindset that takes the rapid pace of our modern market-environment into consideration, can and will lead organizations to success. As headhunters, we regard it as our role – and our privilege – to assist you in finding professionals that are willing and able to use the digital transformation to further the interests of your organization. Our Information & Technology Officers Practice in retained search is specifically designed to select for our clients the next generation technology talent they need to take their company to the next level. Our Executive Search Consultants have successfully placed countless information and technology functional officers in companies that operate nationally as well as globally. In our retained search, we help our clients to find the perfect candidates for technology roles such as:

  • Chief Information Officer / CIO
  • Chief Information Security Officer / CISO
  • Chief Technology Officer / CTO
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Chief Data & Analytics Officer
  • Product Development Leader
  • Artificial Intelligence Leader
  • E-commerce Leader

As headhunters, it is our aim to help clients to thrive in this current age of technology: By providing a spectrum of highly-trained and experienced professionals, your organization can gainfully sail the waves of rapid technological development. Investing in high-end technology talent has become more important to your long-term business success than ever before. With the help of our own team of highly qualified professionals in the field of executive as well as retained search, we at Wirz & Partners are able to provide you with the experts you need.

The rapidly evolving profile of the technology officer requires strong skills – not only in the technological field and transformation management itself, but also in communicating with the board and third parties. Our experienced headhunters are very well-aquainted with the many-fold responsibilities of the technology officer’s position.